Pricing is based on a minimum of $125. For more than one hour the first hour is lowered to $100 and each hour thereafter is $80. The breakdown with the number of children is listed below.

  • 1 Hour $125, 10 Children
  • 1.5 Hours $140, 15 Children
  • 2 Hours $180
  • 3 or more hours, pricing done on a per event basis.

These prices and the number of children are based on the time to complete some of the most complex balloons. Time needed and the number of balloons completed within the allotted time may vary based on the complexity of time. For example, a balloon dog takes from 9 to 12 seconds. A more complex balloon, such as a superhero or a princess may take 10 minutes each. If more or less complex balloons the time needed may be more or less.